Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Show Off Your Geekiness

For some reason Google says "geekiness" isn't a word. A geek obviously did not program this spell check.
Anyways. Are you a geek and proud of it? Here's how to show it!

Wear something weird and geeky. I'd wear a bow tie instead of a fez if you're going for the DW look though.
Incorporate quotes in your daily life. Ex. Instead of "goodbye" say, "May the force be with you." Or when someone says they're going to do something negative say, "You will try." (While making Anakin face) Also, the Original Star Wars movies have a great amount of very wise quotes. (Think of the "You own point of view" scene.)

Blog about it. Start a Facebook page! Yep, I've obviously done both. And I've found fellow geeks!

Spend too much money on fan memorabilia. Buy an awesome tee shirt! And light saber! Books!

Take a deep breath. You should probably sit down for this. This will take every bit of strength you have. You need to go to public places. *DUN DUN DUN* You must show it off! Wear that tee shirt you bought in the previous step.

Make obscure, but hilarious references and laugh hysterically while everyone stares.

Name your pets after the characters. Preferably the ones with weird names. I have a dog now named "Shira". I would say to name your children after them, but if you're a true geek you will not be able to afford children.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a TARDIS Cake I Made... And Doctor Who Pictures

It's not very good but it is a TARDIS cake none the less. Sadly, it was not bigger on the inside. When I was finished I accidentally hit it with my hand, which messed it up more. But it still tasted good!

So who's your favorite Doctor? And companion?

Monday, January 21, 2013

You Know You're a Geek When...

You can't hear the word "precious" without mentally becoming Gollum.
When you have a hard time explaining something you say, "It's wibbly wobbly... timey wimey"
The best way to witness to someone is to say "You're lack of faith disturbs me."
You have faith Batman will save you from an Atomic bomb.
When you hear "Catwoman" you think of Batman and DW.
You never blink in a cemetery.
When you tell someone not to do something you start it with, "One does not simply..."
You prefer John Williams to 1D
Sci-fi is believable.
Annie is not only a girl's name.
In stead of goodbye you say, "May the force be with you."
Something inside of you dies when someone misquotes your favorite lines.
Bad Wolf.
You miss your computer when you're away from in.
You feel more comfortable on the internet than at a party.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I "Doctor"'d Up My Facebook a Bit

So I decided to do a little Doctor Who themed Facebook'ing. My favorite scene is when The Doctor and Rose get separated. I wanted to replicate the scene.
So I changed my Cover picture to this:

And my Profile picture to this: (Disclaimer: This image makes me look 12. I promise I am much older than 12! The image manipulation I used to do this made me look all weird and younger.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Show Your Geek Love

That was just for your enjoyment.

Anyways! Have you ever wondered how to reach that special fan girl or boy in your life? Her are some tips!

All Fandoms:
Make references to them, get to know the fandom. nothing shows you care more than caring for the fandom.
Costumes!  Come dressd as our favorite character and you'll be our best friend forever
Know about the fandom's history. Ex: Know the difference between the prequels and the originals.
For Hobbits/Elves/Dwarves/Ect:
The One Ring. Of course you don't want to get the the real one, they might disappear, but it makes a great gift!
Ignore their hairy feet. they just want to be Hobbits.
Shave your own. Go for a Legolas or Aragorn look... not Hobbit. If you're a girl go for Arwen or Lady Giladrial.
Draw a map of you neighborhood and label places as they are labeled in middle earth. Create ambushes on the way to their destination. Leave a surprise at the end of their quest.
The movies. They're expensive and if we don't have them already we'd LOVE them.
Sword fight with us
Quote Yoda
Give us a TARDIS or sonic screw driver.
Have an English accent
Wear striped scarves
Like sci-fi

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Quick Question

Just just had a quick couple  question!
What do you all enjoy reading?
What would you like to see more of?
Would you be interested in fan fictions?
I'd like your input :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Really Bad Advice

Here's some really bad advice!

Bacon and Nutella will lead to a very happy life. (Though very short)
Always text and drive, multitasking builds reflexes. Try eating while you do that as well.
If someone offers you drugs, thank them. Drugs are expensive.
If someone passes you while your speeding, pass them and make sure a cop sees what they did.
If you plan on going outside at night carry a laser and wear all black. Sneak along neighbor's property. Make sure you're seen.
Always break rules. They were meant to be broken, therefore you are doing the right thing and the government will love you. Especially if you shoot the president and become a dictator.
Play with fire. Gasoline make it 10x more fun.
No matter how fast you run at automatic doors they will open in time. Never wait for them.
Insult strangers.
Eat whatever you want. You'll stay completely healthy.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Geek Quiz

Here's  a quiz to determine your level of geekiness!

1. How do you feel about trilogies?

b. I enjoy them. Books are books though.
c. I don't really read.

2. Have you seen Star Wars?

a. Duh. Multiple times.
b. Yes/most of them
c. No.

3. Favorite Movie Genre?

a. Sci-fi/Fantasy/Action
b. Comedy/Action

4. Do you often find yourself making references your friends don't understand?

a. Every day! Not that I have friends...
b. Sometimes. They ignore it.
c. Never

5. How much fan memorabilia do you have?

a. My room is filled with it! I save just enough money for food, wi-fi and movie tickets.
b. I have some. I don't like to waste money though.
c. Does 1D count? (Nope.)

6. Do you ever find yourself staring at the TV or at a book for endless hours unable to pull yourself away?

a. All the time.
b. Sometimes.
c. No.

7. Do you have a sense of hopeless purposelessness at the end of a book/movie/TV series?

a. I no longer have a reason to live.
b. Yes, but there are more out there.
c. That's stupid.

8. Do you stay up way to late to indulge in your hobbies?

a. *Yawn* --_O Do I what? Coffee!!!
b. Sometimes. If I'm really into it.
c. No. Nothing's that interesting.

9. How do you feel about LARP'ing and Cosplay?

a. I love it!
b. It could be neat if no one saw me acting like an idiot.
c. It's ridiculous.

10. Do you often get into debates with people about your fandoms?

a. Yes. Prequels vs. Originals. HP vs. LotR. The list goes on and on.
b. Occasionally. But only if they say something really annoying.
c. What's a fandom?


Mostly A's...                                               Mostly B's...

You are a full blow geek!                          Novice geek. You still have a bit to go but you're getting there.
 You are in fact a lord of Geekdom.          In a few years and with a bit more enthusiams and passion you
Welcome to the clan. You                        can join us. And together we can rule the Galaxy... Or at least
Represent us well.                                    the internet.

Mostly C's...

You may leave now. You don't belong here. You are not a geek. you're a Barbie. And if you're not even a bit geeky you probably aren't taking this quiz, so you aren't offended.

My Favorite Links

Here are some links I hope pique your interest,

J and J Productions. Full of great trivia and awesome reviews. James is a great reader too!
Panda, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my
Clean Funny Pictures
Doctor Who Memes

Clean Memes:

The 'Lighter' Side of the Force

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blogger to Facebook

Hey everyone! Since my blog has been getting a good amount of views I assume people like it. =D Therefore I made a Facebook page. Not that I'm going to ditch this one!

My Favorite Doctor Who Quotes

Why You Should Be a Whovian

I'm only on the fourth season, but I am a Whovian! Here are reasons you should be too.

It's the only way you'll ever get to time travel
BRITISH ACCENTS. They have the best British actors out there.
It will make you question your reality. And this is good why? You've become way to comfortable in your little internet world. It'll inspire you to live life. Even though you'll be addicted and never get out out of the house and away from The Doctor again.
It's Sci-fi. Geek heaven!
It'll give you awesome weird phobia's that no one else has.
It makes for great quotes!
Whovians are a lovely little family. Everyone who watches it are connected in an odd way.
The make up artists are awesome.
 CAT WOMEN! (Not Cat Woman)