Wednesday, March 13, 2013

10 Things you Should NEVER Do

1. Make Frodo into Princess Leia.

2. Play chicken in New York City
3. Fly a kite at a shooting range
4. Go to a Star Wars convention wearing a Spock costume
5. Go multiple days without a shower
6. Insult a geek's fandom
7. Ask a police officer if he'd like a doughnut
8. Check the gas levels in your house... with matches.
9. Blink near an angel statue
10. Hug a clown


  1. Yes! More hilarious words of wisdom by the Sith Photographer. Thanks for posting these type of posts again.

    That picture is disturbing yet funny at the same time!


  2. The picture is... disturbing. :P And hilarious. #6 I see a lot. I have done #10 :)