Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Have an Interesting New Years Eve

Carefully swerve on the road until you get pulled over. When the officer asks you if you've been drinking smile and say, "Why no ociffer, driving is illegal and drinking." When he tests you, pass every test with flying colors.

Put Mentos into the coke bottles at a party.

Stay at home and make memes and blog, like me.

Run outside and yell, "We did it! We made it to 2013!" While dressed in colonial clothes.

Hand out tracts in a Darth Vader suit and say, "You're lack of faith disturbs me."

Fifteen of My Favorite Books of 2012

   These obviously weren't published in 2012 but these are books you should definitely read!

1.Scream- Mike Dellosso (The Hunted by him is also wonderful)
2.Deadfall- Robert Liparulo
3.The Oath- Frank Peretti

Fantasy/ Sci-fi:

4.Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series
5.Uglies- Scott Westerfield
6.Obviously, LOTR =D
7, 8. Of course I love the Hunger Games and Divergent.
I haven't read much of this genre, sadly.

9.The Hunger Games and Philosophy
10. Psychology for Idiots

13. The Witness- Dee Henderson. I love ALL of her books. I HIGHLY recommend them.
14.The Books of Useless Information
15. Siren - Tricia Rayburn

Lord of the Rings Memes

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Confessions of an Abnormal Hobbit

Yes. I am a Hobbit. I'm short and love to eat. Here are some random confessions about my life as a Hobbit:
1. I like being short. It's a good conversation starter. "Hey you're really tall!" or "Could you reach that for me?"
2. I am a compulsive book buyer. Yep. Sometimes I don't even read the books I buy. I can't pass up a good book deal. I hardly have any money in savings because of it. And I need to buy a car! I'm going to starve and die... Maybe I should watch reruns of "Hoarders" for a while and remind myself that if I don't stop buying books, I'll go broke, if I'm broke I'm homeless, if I'm homeless... no internet!
3. I don't like real people. Yep, because fictional people have made real people look boring and dull to my eyes. I'm slowly becoming numb to the human race. One day I'll be completely insane, I'll think that I see a portal to another world start yelling "fly you fools!" jump on my horse and run straight in front of a truck.
4. I talk to people in my head. Yeah, I have whole conversations with people. Then I start making facial expressions...
5. Sometimes I convince myself I can use the force.
6. I like hugs, but not conversation. I hate having to talk to people unless they get my nerdiness. I prefer to listen and hug.
7. I can never be happy with movies anymore. They're never good enough to live up to the book. I've started watching the movie before reading the books so I don't get let down.
8. I've gotten so good at reading foreshadowing that I always know what's going to happen and how it ends.
9. I love crime investigative shows (CSI:NY, Criminal Minds) because they use actual facts and I love learning about this things. Though I have crime on the brain, I ask people if they're ready to die. I don't know why, but they don't take it very well and I end up in these funny white jackets. I learned I give nice hugs! I hate shows like Jersey Shore. Now if CSI:NY was investigating the murders of the JS cast, I'd be all over it! I'd also be in the suspect pool.
10. This is the story of my life:

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

   I FINALLY made it out to see the Hobbit tonight! Surrounded by three people who had never seen the other movies or read the book I was the only on with his expectations. I'm rating different aspects of it and tell you why.

Overall: 5 out of 10

Effects/Visual: 10 out of 10
 It was a  beautifully made movie. The effects were convincing and very polished. The sets were breathtaking. I wished I could go to Rivendell. It was magical. The caves were creepy. The colors were SPLENDID.

Story: 4 out of 10
It doesn't stick to the book. It was very childish and confusing. It was very different from the original three LOTR movies. Peter Jackson, you let me down. It should have all been made into one movie.

Characters: 8 out of 10
There were changes in how much attention each character got and their personalities but it added to the movie.

 The BEST part was the Riddle Game scene. It was my favorite part in the book and it was done perfectly in the movie!
What I really didn't like was how immature and unrealistic it got. Living after falling down hundreds of feet on rock? Not getting hurt by the rock giants? PLEASE!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Batman Quiz

This is from the newest trilogy.

1. What actor who is not a main character plays at least a small part in all of the movies?
2.What actor who plays in Inception is also in The Dark Knight Rises?
3. Who produces, writes and directs the trilogy?
4. What do they chant in TDKR when bruce is attemping to escape prison?
5. What does it mean?
6. Who becomes Robin?
7. What is the name of Gotham's asylum?
8. Who is the leader of the League of Shadows?
9. What country is the actor who plays Batman from?
10. What famous movie role did he tryout for, and lose to Ewen McGregor?
1. Cillian Murphy 2. Tom Hardy 3. Christopher Nolan 4.Beshi basara 5. Rise 6. John "Robin" Blake 7. Arkham 8. Ra's Al Ghul  9. The UK 10. Obi Wan Kenobi 

Lord of the Rings Face In's

So I was talking to my friend about LOTR. We were wondering what he'd look like as different characters. I decided to find out.

This one isn't the best but I'm adding it for the headband.

Star Wars Quiz 2

1. What is the name of Luke's aunt and uncle?
2. What animal does Jabba the Hutt try to feed the Luke to?
3. Who plays C3-PO?
4. How did one of the people playing R2:D die?
5. A Star Wars short movie was titled: The Battle of _____
6.How old is Yoda when he dies?
7. What kind of craft does Luke lift from the swamp?
8. What was Carrie Fisher not allowed to wear?
9. What is the name of the R2 unit that Luke chooses first?

10. Who takes Leia as a baby?
1. Beru And Owen 2. A rancor 3. Anthony Daniels 4. Over heating 5. Endor 6. 900 7. X Fighter 8. Underwear. 9. R2 D4 10. Bail Organa

The Truth About Self-Harm


       Self harm is a practice that is often misunderstood. If you self harm or someone you know self harms, or you suspect they do, please read

                              People self harm for numerous reasons. Each person is unique in their pain. Each person handles it differently. It is a way to release what is pent up inside. When everything becomes too much it is all that is left.

Most people think self harm is just cut. It is not. Self-injury includes but is not limited to cutting oneself, burning/scalding/branding oneself, overdoses taken with the intent to simply harm rather than kill, bone breaking, punching/kicking walls or other objects which would cause injuries if punched/kicked/etc, interfering with wound healing, scratching oneself, biting oneself, embedding objects in the skin, self-hitting, headbanging (these two are more commonly seen in younger children,) excessive nailbiting, skin picking, or hair pulling which causes injury/bleeding, or some people even broaden the definition to include things like eating disorders, excessive drinking, and drug use, since these are conscious behaviors which also harm oneself, though in less obvious ways. 
The basic definition of self-injury, though, is any act done with the intention to injure oneself that results in a cut, bruise, injury, or other form of damage. Also, the damage has to be severe enough to be visible, or, in cases of overdoses, for instance, cause health damage.                                        
   A lot of times you will never know a self-harmer by appearance. Some are ashamed of their scars, of what they are feeling . It must remain hidden at all costs. They learn to smile through the pain and act like nothings wrong.
Here are some signs to look for:
Scars, such as from burns or cuts
Fresh cuts, scratched or other woundsBruises
Hair loss or bald spots
Broken bones
Keeping sharp object on hand
Spending a lot of time alone
Wearing long sleeves or long pants even in summer
Claiming frequent accidents
Obvious self injury.


Lying becomes a way of life. You might not get the truth from just asking. Self harm is almost NEVER a suicide attempt. it's a release, a way to become numb.

Other's a very obvious with their self harm. This is for attention. Some people scorn that but if they are willing to hurt themselves to get it, don't they really need it?

Sometimes it doesn't make sense, why they hurt themselves. They are proud of their scars, but hate them as well.
If you have ever considered self harming DO NOT START. It will overtake you mind. it becomes all you can think about. it becomes who you are. You can never be good enough.

It is not often recognized as an addiction. But it is. Once you do it your stuck wanting to do it the rest of your life. Don't expect people to just be able to stop. They need help stopping. And it's easy to relapse especially when left alone. Don't give up on them. They make understanding friends when it's all said and done. They've been through a lot. Sometimes they can be self centered and want to talk about their problems all the time. Just listen. They trust you enough to open iron walls. Don't hurt them more. Just stay with them. You mean more than you know.

If you self harm, I know it's hard to tell someone, but find someone you trust and TELL them!  If there is no one there, go to the internet. That sounds like awful advice but you can find trusted friend who will understand you there. You need to quit. There are people who understand. It's a dark place to be, don't get lost there. You might not believe me now but there IS hope. Check our To Write Love On Her Arms
You can be saved from this Hell. I know it seems impossible, but there is a way out.
Check out this song, it's helped me a lot:

 You ARE beautiful. Sure, not everyone is outwardly beautiful but inside everyone has something to offer. You believe that, right? Or do you believe that for everyone but you. You out of the billions of people are the only one who doesn't matter? Think a second... Does that make sense? No it doesn't. You're worth so much. Don't let other people or their words define you.
Please do not judge a self harmer. They are hurting more than you can possibly imagine. A lot of times it is a side affect of a mental disorder.   Don't say you understand if you've never done it. YOU DON'T!!!
 This is NOT a joking matter. Teasing someone about it or taking it lightly hurts so much.
Be aware. Words hurt. Every one if felt, even if you can't see it. People are good actors. Most of them have low self esteem and you drive them closer and closer to the edge. 

Star Wars Quiz

Here's a quiz for you! I'll have the answers at the bottom.

1. Which Star Wars movie was made first?

2. When was it released?
3. What was Luke Skywalker's name originally to be?
4. What planet does Vader Destroy?
5. Who was Star Wars Recently sold to?
6. For how much?
7. Who was the creator of Star Wars?
8. Who trained General Grevious? 
9. Why were the prequels created?
10. Who was The Phantom Menace

11. "Many of the ____ we _____to depend greatly on our own _______ __ _____."
12. Why turns Anakin to the Dark side?
1. A New Hope 2. 1977 3.Annikkin Starkiller 4. Alderaan 5. Disney 6. $4.05 Billion 7. George Lucas 8. Count Dooku 9. To explain the history of Darth Vader. 10. Darth Maul 
"Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view." 12. Emperor Palatine

Funny Pictures

How to Avoid Serial Killers

          If you watch crime investigative shows you know that there is a huge chance that your neighbor is a serial killer or is about to snap. here is a list of things you can do to avoid being the target of these people. Are you guys tired of my lists yet?
          Here's the list:
Don't be woman
Don't be a man
Don't be blonde
Don't have blue eyes
Don't be a brunette
Live by yourself so they can't kill you in your sleep
Live with a bunch of people so their are too many witnesses.
Don't look like someone's dead loved one or former lover, friend of enemy.
Don't be perfect. Some want to destroy everything that is perfect.
Be perfect. Some want to destroy everything that is not.
NEVER Live next to a killer! Ever! Especially if you don't know they like to kill people.
Never use paradoxes. They make lists useless.

Sunday, December 23, 2012