Monday, April 15, 2013

Reality (A Poem)

Fragmented light
Burning out
With a blink.
Evidence of doors
Closing to another world
That we were too blind to see.
Trapped in our false realities
Delusions of concreted proof
Always shifting
Imprisoned by the fortress
Of our minds
The scales we set to weigh
What tests the limits
Of our imaginations
Letting slip what we cannot comprehend
Into a place of fiction
We humans are so arrogant
Believing the universe is ours
As the rulers slip unnoticed
Off our tongues
Across our skin
Touching us with longing
And isolation.
Simply because we look
Does not mean we can see
Just because we close our eyes
Doesn't mean we're alone.
A world created by deception
Where mirrors and whispers or fantasy
Are what you trust
And shun the invisible
Now surface the awareness
The truth is slipping by
While you dream of what you know.

1 comment:

  1. While I do not know much about poetry (it was my worst subject in school), that was a very well written poem. :)