Friday, February 1, 2013

Depressing Moment in the Life of a Super-Fan

Netflix runs out.
Leia is a Disney Princess
You realize how boring the world really is.
The only hope is the believe the Doctor is real.
No one gets your references and you have a whole comic routine together with them.
When the lights flicker you know the Silence is about to get you or the Angels are near.
Cats are more fascinating than people.
Costumes are expensive.
Light sabers aren't real
You can never go to a galaxy far far away because our world is dumb and can't come up with a simple space travel device that can survive the minor elements.
Your fandom applies to EVERYTHING and everyone else thinks you're just overly obsessed.
So little time, so many fandoms.


  1. "So little time, so many fandoms." I know exactly how you feel and the same for references, no ever gets them. :)


  2. So true...all of them...execpt the Netflix one (I don't use Netfix) and the Silence/Angels one, since I haven't yet gotten to those episodes...but I do know a bit about them....
    And yes, fandoms apply to everything, but people do just see you as overly obsessed... :P