Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Show Off Your Geekiness

For some reason Google says "geekiness" isn't a word. A geek obviously did not program this spell check.
Anyways. Are you a geek and proud of it? Here's how to show it!

Wear something weird and geeky. I'd wear a bow tie instead of a fez if you're going for the DW look though.
Incorporate quotes in your daily life. Ex. Instead of "goodbye" say, "May the force be with you." Or when someone says they're going to do something negative say, "You will try." (While making Anakin face) Also, the Original Star Wars movies have a great amount of very wise quotes. (Think of the "You own point of view" scene.)

Blog about it. Start a Facebook page! Yep, I've obviously done both. And I've found fellow geeks!

Spend too much money on fan memorabilia. Buy an awesome tee shirt! And light saber! Books!

Take a deep breath. You should probably sit down for this. This will take every bit of strength you have. You need to go to public places. *DUN DUN DUN* You must show it off! Wear that tee shirt you bought in the previous step.

Make obscure, but hilarious references and laugh hysterically while everyone stares.

Name your pets after the characters. Preferably the ones with weird names. I have a dog now named "Shira". I would say to name your children after them, but if you're a true geek you will not be able to afford children.



  1. I do have a few really awesome Star Wars t-shirts that I wear every chance I get and I have a Lightsaber.
    I always made obscure references that only my brother gets. :)
    Obviously, I have a blog.
    Anytime I leave the room I quote The Terminator's line: "I'll Be Back" and I say "May the Force Be With You." as well.
    Great post! Loved it.


  2. Wow...great ideas...I love to quote my favourite movies and books, especially Star Wars, every chance I get. (And soon, I'll be quoting Doctor Who as well...)
    I blog, obviously, and I also have a Facebook page.
    It is awesome to go out in public wearing one of my Star Wars t-shirts, Harry Potter scarves, or any of my fandom jewelry...or even in costume! I LOVE doing that!!