Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ten Things to (NOT) Do

1. Wear a spandex Spider man suit to a job interview.
2. Wear an evil clown costume to a psychologist's office.
3. Drugs
4. Race a police officer in NYC.
5. Sign in public with headphones on.
6. Fall asleep while cutting lemons.
7. Go to the premier of a Marvel movie dressed a Batman.
8. Drink ten cups of espresso then try to forge a signature on an important document.
9. Sit in the shower at night until someone comes in to use the bathroom. Jump out and grab them.
10. Push the help buttons in Lowe's. Wait for the employ to come and ask if you can help them (or just stand and stare). Then go to the next isle and do the same thing.


  1. ROLF! Another hilarious list! Number 3, 7, and 9 are especially true!


  2. I soooooo need to try these, except 3, never going to try that.