Friday, May 31, 2013

Picking a Username or Blog Name

Do you look like this when choosing a user name or password? Me too!

Here are a couple of easy ways to pick!

Usernames first!
Do you have a favorite word?
I like the word Schadenfreude.

Now check yourself and ask:
Will people be able to remember this to find me, or mention me later?  Probably not.

How about a shorter word?
Let's go with Elven!

Okay so we have the first part of the username, but it's still too short. Not for a second part.
Now pick your favorite animal/sci fi alien type or character.

I love Llamas.

My username would be: TheElvenLlama

You can also combine your favorite hobbies and movies, like I did with mine.

Now for a blog name!

What will you be blogging about?
For this blog I knew I'd be blogging about EVERYTHING. I am passionate about cupcakes and star wars. "Cupcakes to Star Wars" would have been a bit boring, and it sounds better to have two objects, as apposed to an object and an abstract.

Anyways. This strategy usually works: Your favorite drink combined with your favorite item. I like coffee and books so mine would be: Coffee Stained Pages

If you're blogging about a specific thing, make sure your name reflects it.
I run a fitness blog called "Finding Our Fit". A friend and I run it together to document our journey to fitness. The name tells you what to expect in a creative way.

Make sure it's catchy! Often using the same first letters in most of the words of your title will help with that. You need to make sure it's memorable.

Don't make the name too long.

Use words you like!

If all else fails, ask a friend or open the dictionary!


  1. Good tips. For me, I always use one of my two aliases, "James The Movie Reviewer" and "James Starslayer", which came from my Star Wars RPG name. Also another tip would be to use your first combined with something related to your blog.


  2. Great suggestions! I do look kind of like that when trying to figure one out. XD