Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fearless- Mike Dellosso (Review)

Children are just children; na├»ve, powerless and insignificant to the big picture of life, right? Mike Dellosso’s brilliantly crafted book “Fearless” will convince you otherwise.
                Fearless is set in the small town of Virginia Mills. The quiet is broken when a serial killer surfaces, craving one thing: Respect. He is determined to teach the town to respect him, give him what he is owed. He needs respect and is willing to kill to get it. At the same time, Louisa, a mysterious nine year old girl, shows up in a local fire. She has no memory of how she got there or who she is.  She has seems to have the priceless gift of healing. She is places with Jim and Amy Spencer, who have recently lost their own daughter, due to a miscarriage.  This new child in their still broken lives turns their world upside down.
                Overall Mike has created a beautiful work of art. The story keeps you nervously on the edge of your seat and with empathetic tears in your eyes. This book never gets boring, just keeps hitting you with another shocker. At the end, when all the loose ends get tied up in a surprising twist ending, you won’t want the book to be over!
Should YOU read this book? Sadly, I can’t force you to, but ehre are the negatives and positives of Dellosso’s story:

Unique characters who are relatable
Original plot

Slightly repetitive in description
Has many similarities to Mike’s other books

                To sum it all up, I loved this book. It was a true thriller while still being undeniably realistic and human. It makes you question ideas that were firmly implanted in your head and inquire about the nature of everything around you. I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone. It’s not for any specific audience type. It’s not too scary for those easily intimidated and not too emotional for those looking for action.   


  1. Excellent review! Never heard of this book, sounds intriguing though.


    1. If you want to read his books, Start with "Scream" or "The Hunted". They are THE BEST.