Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sherlock Season Three: Will Moriarty Return?


  The end of season two of Sherlock left my heart breaking into a million sharp edged pieces and begging for more. The waves of spoilers on the internet had not prepared me to meet Moriarty's death. Of course, because of the books, I should have known it well ahead of time. The question, however, is: Will Moriarty resurrect for season three?

        In the original books Moriarty and Sherlock both plunge off of the Reichenbach Falls to their "deaths". These deaths were committed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle because all of his other literary works were being overlooked in the world's obsession with Sherlock. He decided the only way to draw attention to his other works was to end Sherlock. So he did. Fortunately for us, the king was a fan of Sherlock and Doyle was convinced be bring him back with some explanation as to how he kept himself from falling. Moriarty, however, was not brought back to life by Doyle. (Though he was in later novels not by Sir Arthur.)

Here is a picture of the REAL falls, in Switzerland:

          After watching "The Reichenbach Fall" in Sherlock, I wondered if Moriarty, too, had faked his death. It appears he did not. If we follow the original stories, then he is indeed dead. However, what is Sherlock without his arch nemesis? Moffat has said that he's very dead. "He shot himself through the brain stem." But, it's Moffat, and we all know about Moffat, so there is this tiny bit of hope remaining inside of me that he may still live. But, my conclusion is: Moriarty is dead.


  1. NO. I don't want him to be dead! He's too fabulous and beautiful. :[

  2. My thought is that Moriarty might be still alive. I read some conspiracies about him not being dead and, as you said, what's Sherlock without Moriarty! November is going to be epic with Sherlock, Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, Thor: the Dark World, several more, I can't wait!


  3. I think he's definitely dead. Every season of a TV show ends with a resolution and the next season usually starts with new drama. I think there will be a new, more badass character than Moriarty!