Thursday, July 4, 2013

Catherine's Pursuit- Lena Nelson Doodley- Review

    Catherine McKenna has been a single child her entire life. Living alone, in luxury, with her father and servants. Until her eighteenth birthday, that is. Catherine stumbles into a conversation between her father and aunt. She learns that she was separated at birth from her two triplet sisters. She leaves on a journey to find her sisters... will she find love as well?

    Positive Elements: Catherine's pursuit is a comfortable, light read. The character development throughout the story if very engaging. It is a well paced story wherein new elements often manifest themselves. The characters are all likable and easy to relate to.

Negative Elements: Much of the contents of this story are cliche`d and predictable. The characters lack individuality, and the story becomes repetitive. Several parts are unrealistic and overly-simplified.

 Conclusion: If you like romances and soft reading material, this is the book for you! If you prefer excitement and thrill, you may want to pass.


  1. Since I do not like the type of genre that the book is, I will skip this one, but good review.


    1. Haha, honestly I did NOT enjoy the book. As you said, it's the genre. I will never read another book like this again.