Saturday, January 5, 2013

Five Things Photographers Wish People Knew

Just a random picture I made:

1. Editing. A lot of people don't understand what we mean by editing. We don't mean an instagram cheesy wash. That ticks us off. When you see a gorgeous picture it has more than likely been edited. Think about it, when you see a picture from a photographer isn't it usually way better than a non-photographer? That's because we edit! AND PLEASE DON'T ASK IF WE CAN PHOTO SHOP YOU SKINNY. Yes, we can, but we don't want to. That is time consuming and you'll end up offended.

2. YOU ARE NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. Okay, some of you may genuinely be true photographers. Here's a test to determine if you are or not:
Do you know what ISO controls?
Can you shoot in manual?
Do you know the purpose of a tripod?
Do you have natural talent?
Have you taken more than 1,000 pictures?
If you answered no to ANY of those questions, you are not a photographer. No one who solely uses an iPhone for photography is not a photographer. Putting a camera in Auto and shooting is easy. Anyone can do it. Most people really aren't photographers, they just want to be. Take a couple classes, read a couple books, do a couple shoots, maybe you can be a photographer. A nice camera means nothing without talent and knowledge.

3. Just because it's a big camera doesn't mean it has big zoom. Lenses to very different things. You have to buy a specific zoom lens for zoom.

4. There's a reason we charge. For example I went to a four hour concert last night, shooting the whole time. I've spent 7 hours editing and I'm not even half way done. The reason it's taken so long is because the light affected them a LOT. Photography is time consuming. I also have two cameras. One cost $400 and one cost $600. Then I have to buy disks ect., ect, ect. I also have a laptop I needed for pictures. That cost about $350. That was all in one year. I've made $125. If we charge, there's a reason. If we don't, understand how big a gift it is!

5. If we say we'd like you to model for us, we mean it. Take it as a compliment. We want to take your picture and in the mean time, get to know you better. You develop a relationship between yourself and the photographer. Trust your photographer! We know what we're doing.


  1. I am definitely NOT a photographer but there are a ton "photographers" all over bloggers. While I enjoy looking at other people's photo and such, I hate having my picture taken but probably has to do with the fact my mother took thousands of pictures when I was a kid. Plus I am the least photogenic person on the entire planet so there's that.....


    1. Haha, I know how that goes. I am VERY camera shy. People just don't get it. But thank you for your honesty. :P

  2. I'm not a photographer for sure... but I like taking photos for fun :)