Sunday, January 20, 2013

I "Doctor"'d Up My Facebook a Bit

So I decided to do a little Doctor Who themed Facebook'ing. My favorite scene is when The Doctor and Rose get separated. I wanted to replicate the scene.
So I changed my Cover picture to this:

And my Profile picture to this: (Disclaimer: This image makes me look 12. I promise I am much older than 12! The image manipulation I used to do this made me look all weird and younger.)


  1. Great picture! Such a classic Doctor Who choice for the picture and I don't think you look 12. :) I like the effect you used for the picture, it works very well. By the way, congrats on the 11 followers now! Glad that some of my blogger friends decided to check out your awesome blog.



    1. Thanks James! A whole 11 followers. I feel popular :P

  2. Well everyone has to start somewhere. :P It took me several months just to reach 10. :)


  3. Love the Facebook pictures...even though as of right now, I have no idea what they really mean...:P How did you do you have a special programme on your computer?
    And now you have 13 followers :D...don't worry, I have had my blogs for two/one year(s) and I don't even have 30 on either of them...
    I'm planning on doing a contest on mine soon, so if you participate, it could get you more followers...