Friday, January 11, 2013

The Geek Quiz

Here's  a quiz to determine your level of geekiness!

1. How do you feel about trilogies?

b. I enjoy them. Books are books though.
c. I don't really read.

2. Have you seen Star Wars?

a. Duh. Multiple times.
b. Yes/most of them
c. No.

3. Favorite Movie Genre?

a. Sci-fi/Fantasy/Action
b. Comedy/Action

4. Do you often find yourself making references your friends don't understand?

a. Every day! Not that I have friends...
b. Sometimes. They ignore it.
c. Never

5. How much fan memorabilia do you have?

a. My room is filled with it! I save just enough money for food, wi-fi and movie tickets.
b. I have some. I don't like to waste money though.
c. Does 1D count? (Nope.)

6. Do you ever find yourself staring at the TV or at a book for endless hours unable to pull yourself away?

a. All the time.
b. Sometimes.
c. No.

7. Do you have a sense of hopeless purposelessness at the end of a book/movie/TV series?

a. I no longer have a reason to live.
b. Yes, but there are more out there.
c. That's stupid.

8. Do you stay up way to late to indulge in your hobbies?

a. *Yawn* --_O Do I what? Coffee!!!
b. Sometimes. If I'm really into it.
c. No. Nothing's that interesting.

9. How do you feel about LARP'ing and Cosplay?

a. I love it!
b. It could be neat if no one saw me acting like an idiot.
c. It's ridiculous.

10. Do you often get into debates with people about your fandoms?

a. Yes. Prequels vs. Originals. HP vs. LotR. The list goes on and on.
b. Occasionally. But only if they say something really annoying.
c. What's a fandom?


Mostly A's...                                               Mostly B's...

You are a full blow geek!                          Novice geek. You still have a bit to go but you're getting there.
 You are in fact a lord of Geekdom.          In a few years and with a bit more enthusiams and passion you
Welcome to the clan. You                        can join us. And together we can rule the Galaxy... Or at least
Represent us well.                                    the internet.

Mostly C's...

You may leave now. You don't belong here. You are not a geek. you're a Barbie. And if you're not even a bit geeky you probably aren't taking this quiz, so you aren't offended.


  1. I got all A's!!! :D I'm a total geek! :D (but then, I already knew that ;) ).
    That was a cool test :)

  2. All A's! Number 4 describes me perfectly......
    By the way answers to 10 A's would be
    Originals better than Prequels
    LOTR SO much better than HP
    No doubt not even close!


  3. I got all A's! For number five, to me One Direction does count though :P For number four, it describes me perfectly like James too, but I do have friends :) I guess I'm not a full geek, since I'm into music and stuff my friends talk about too.

    1. Nah, I think you can like popular stuff too. You sound geeky enough to me!