Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why You Should Be a Whovian

I'm only on the fourth season, but I am a Whovian! Here are reasons you should be too.

It's the only way you'll ever get to time travel
BRITISH ACCENTS. They have the best British actors out there.
It will make you question your reality. And this is good why? You've become way to comfortable in your little internet world. It'll inspire you to live life. Even though you'll be addicted and never get out out of the house and away from The Doctor again.
It's Sci-fi. Geek heaven!
It'll give you awesome weird phobia's that no one else has.
It makes for great quotes!
Whovians are a lovely little family. Everyone who watches it are connected in an odd way.
The make up artists are awesome.
 CAT WOMEN! (Not Cat Woman)


  1. Cool, always good to another Whovian! I've been a fan since the series rebooted in 2005 and it is still my favorite show. My favorite Doctor would be Matt Smith, he is so fun to watch. Favorite companion is Amy Pond.


    1. I haven't gotten to MAtt yet. I'ma HUGE David Tennant fan though! He was the best Hamlet.