Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a TARDIS Cake I Made... And Doctor Who Pictures

It's not very good but it is a TARDIS cake none the less. Sadly, it was not bigger on the inside. When I was finished I accidentally hit it with my hand, which messed it up more. But it still tasted good!

So who's your favorite Doctor? And companion?


  1. Favorite Doctor: Smith and Tennant
    Favorite Companion: Amy/Rory and Donna Noble
    That cake looks cool, just be sure to eat it before it time-travels.
    I need to remeber to post some thing about the Silence on April 23rd!


  2. Wow, I don't even know how, but it seems that I am obssessed with Doctor Who...i know you don't find that part weird, but here's the really weird part: I've never seen it! Yup. Never seen it. I have some friends who like it, and I've seen teh pictures on Facebook, and here, but that's it.
    Even weirder: I'm probably going to participate in this April 23rd thing....
    So don't mind me, but I guess I'll be freaking people out for two reasons....the second being I seem to know every Doctor Who reference even though I have never seen it...haha

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Before I started watching it I got all the references! I still get the references to ones I haven't seen yet. =D That fact that you're going to do that tally marks if just plain awesome! Honestly, I haven't seen that episode yet but I still get the reference.