Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simply Delicious (Small twists to liven up normal snacks)

We all get bored with what we have to eat. Here are a few small things to do to make snack time a bit more interesting in very easy ways.

Love Chocolate Cheesecake? Yes. But it's way to expensive.
Buy an instant cheesecake mix and add 1 3/4 of whatever kind of chocolate you want to add.

Heat M&M's in the microwave for 20 seconds. Delicious!

Spread Nutella on a butter flavored cracker. Add whipped topping.

Can't decide between ice cream and cookies? Do both! Mack and ice cream cookie sandwich. Make ahead for easy treats on the go.

Dip bacon strips in chocolate. Let harden.

Add bacon bits to grilled cheese. Works well in eggs as well.

Coffee Smoothie:
One banana
A cup of coffee
Chocolate milk powder
Ice to thicken
Blend it all together! Add ingredients to how you like it.

Butter and brown sugar in rice

Easy Potato Wedges:
Slice potato and microwave
When almost cooked at cheese to top and melt

New Chicken Soup

Make cream of chicken soup and add chicken cubes and noodles for a twist on regular chicken noodle soup.


  1. These tips are making hungry! Are you serious about the M&Ms in microewave? Never heard of that one before, but I love cheese cake.

    1. I love Cheesecake too! But it can be expensive. M&M's crack in the microwave but stay together and it tastes SO good. As you can tell I'm not a fitness freak at all.

    2. I know! I only have it once a year on my birthday. Going to try the M&Ms later today then. I am not a fitness freak either, I can eat a ton and never gain weight like Shaggy from Scobby-Doo. :p