Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pros and Cons of Being a Nerd

1.You can escape to a whole new world, just by picking up a book.
2.You know things about your favorite fandom that very few people do.
3.The wonderful moments when people actually get your obscure references and there is instant friendship
4.You never lose your imaginary friends
5.You can run away into to the dark recesses of your mind
6.Nerds usually go far
7.Books are better than drugs
8.The internet is a playground
9.Studying is a good excuse to not go outside
10.When you find a good book you are expected to find a dark cave somewhere and not move until you've finished it. Which means no physical activity.
1.Social awkwardness
2. People expect you to know the answer to everything
3. Most books just aren't that good
4. Not many people share in your obsessions
5. Your obsessive addictions to abnormal things leads to the fact you don't have many friends


  1. Nice :) I don't have lots of friends, but I have a few best friends and I'm good friends with some popular girls. I'm never a full scale nerd... you can say... I'm really into music and I can talk with others, only not go wild about my fandoms. Most cons aren't true for me (#3 I can relate).
    LOL I love Gollum in the last pic :D