Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Best Superheroes and Why

            Batman: Though there are so many other wonderful superheroes, he is my favorite. Mostly because he is not, in fact, a true superhero. His only super power is his self control. The below picture describes why I love him so much.

And don't forget Luke Skywalker:
Iron Man: First look at the face. Now stare at the face. Now laugh at his hilarity. Now adore him for his genius. Now Appreciate women more.
Shall we move on? Of course not... Let's just stare a moment more.

Captain America:
Come one! I mean how many guys can get that build after one workout? A sweet guy with THOSE arms?

Finally, someone who can look insane and still save the world. And who doesn't like the way he talks?
Let's not leave out Superman:
You have to love the original Superhero.
And a final list of Noblemen (and women):
Wonder Woman
The Hulk

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