Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why You Should Never Work Out

               Let's face it. Working out is no fun. Do you need an excuse NOT to today? Well I've got one for you. Here's a horror story to scary anyone out of a work out.
              One day Bob decided he needed to be healthy and go for a bike ride. In side his body horrible things were happening. His muscles we swelling from the pain and outwardly his skin was crying from the exertion. Bob continued anyways, oblivious to the mental anguish he was causing his various body parts. His poor fat cells were heartlessly burned alive.
            Bob reached a busy intersection. there was a group of people protesting bike riders. One ran out to Bob and scratched him with her razor sharp nails. Her nail had severed a blood vessel and he passed out in the road. While he was lying there, bleeding, someone called an ambulance. It was dark and when the ambulance got there, the driver did not see Bob. He ran over both of Bob's legs, causing damaged that could never be fixed.
       Bob didn't know that the lady that had scratched him had a pet lizard. The lizard was poisonous. It had a slow working poison that slowly kills people by eating them alive from the inside out. Bob could never walk after his accident but got a job as a telemarketer. One day he noticed something was wrong. He went to the doctor. he was sent immediately to the hospital. The next day Bob died. He had become nothing more than a puddle on a blanket. What was left was toxic. It infected the entire hospital. Everyone in it was infected. Half of the city had to be burned (some of the people still alive) just because Bob had to work out/