Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To Be Any Annoying Girlfriend

1. Cry and say, "why don't you think I'm pretty?" All the time.
2. Make him go shopping.
3. Ask if clothes make oyu look fat. When they say yes, get mad.
4. Tell his friends when he cries at chick flicks.
5. Make him wear pink.
6. Be clingy.
7. Get jealous of his friends.
8. Be emotional constantly.
9. Compare him to Edward Cullen.
10. Send mixed signals.
11. Make fun of him.
12. Flirt with his friends.
13. Play hard to get.
14. Complain when he forgets birthdays.
15. Cry when his presents aren't good enough.
16. Get really expencive everything when you're on a date.
17. Embarrass him in front of his friends.
18. Tell him that you are all he may think about.
19. Give him ties.
20. Make him turn of the ball game or video game.

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