Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Not to Get the Girl: Nerd Version

        How to be Friend-zoned by a Nerd Girl as Quickly as Possible:
1. Insult her favorite band.
2. Use the wrong there, they're or their.
3. Criticize her fandoms.
4. Try to be a hipster and not use instagram.
5.Use texting language. 
6. never speak in complete sentences.
7. Call Twilight literature.
8. Say you hate books.
9. Say she needs to get out more.
10. Disconnect the internet.
11. Use bad grammar.
12. Talk about what a jock you are.
13. Only listen to popular music.
14. Don't watch Star Wars.
15. Tell her you don't believe in Unicorns.
16. Say Sci-fi is stupid.
17. Have the narrowest vocabulary possible.
18. Forget which character is which.
19. Laugh when she cries over a fictional character.
20. Don't talk about her obsessions.


  1. I must be a nerd. Because if you do any of those near me, you will be banned from my presence forever.

  2. Yep! You must definitely be a nerd! That just means you have good taste ;)

  3. I am definitely a nerdy girl, and this is 100% correct. #21- Think that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader are two different people.