Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Bucket List

Play guitar with Lacey Mosley
Be in a movie directed by Chris Nolan
Do a photo shoot in Central Park
Have my photography in Vogue
Finish a 5k color run
Save someone's life
Meet John Cooper
Write a book that gets published and turns into a movie
Go to Italy
Go to England
Be in a band
Try a gold infused ice cream sundae
Get married
Do a photo shoot of someone famous
Pet a tiger
Have an exotic pet
Go to a masquerade ball
Learn how to dance
Have a million dollars to donate
Invent something
Own a Hasselblad
Own my own studio
Be able to teach photography classes
Act with Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Be in an episode of Doctor Who
Write the next Batman movie
Sing in the Macy's parade.
Write a movie with George Lucas

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