Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Get the Nerd/Geek Girl

        I added nerd/geek to the title because most of this applies to the realm of the nerds and kingdom of geeks. Not all of it applies to that type of girl.  Take note men!

       Learn about our hobbies. Don't pretend to obsess of them like us, but take interest and be able to discuss them with us. Don't fake it. We'll know. If we start quoting Star Wars and you start quoting Star Trek... Well... It won't end well.
  Dont tok lyk thys. We like GOOD GRAMMAR and SPELLING! Honestly, as soon as you soon as I see appear totally incompetent you lose and chance of being with me.

Don't you lame pick up line! Refrain from saying things like, "If i could rearrange the alphabet I'd put u and I together." It's over used. It makes you look desperate and makes us feel like just another girl.

 Do quote our favorite movies/books/TVshows. It's incredibly attractive to hear our favorite words come from a guy's mouth..

Limit compliments. We love to hear we're beautiful, but not ever second. It sounds fake and loses meaning. We like REAL conversation. Normal people just don't suffice. Don't get in the boring habit of the whole "Hey, what's up" type conversation. Say something crazy! We might just find you "complement" us.

We like spending time with you. We like movies too. Movie nights are the best.

If we're having a bad day it means a lot when you do something sweet to cheer us up. Is she having  a bad day? bring her a chocolate bar (Make sure you know what kind she likes!) and a new book.

"Fine." "Okay." "Alright." These all mean "I am not fine, okay or alright." If she says any of those, something is wrong. Sometimes we think you're mind readers. Try to be one.

 Manners. We love being treated like a lady. Open the door, pick up the tab.

Humor. It makes anyone more attractive instantly. Make us laugh and you've got us interested.

Personality means MUCH more than looks, but there must be a certain amount of physical attraction in there somewhere. Stay in shape!

The best gifts are book store gift cards.

Don't interrupt us while we're in the middle of something. Being a geek/nerd means we concentrate on one thing intently until we're done obsessing over it. Don't distract us. Let us talk about it, but don't annoy us.

We like hugs.

We are emotional. We like romance.

We can be really shy. Be the man, talk to us first! Plus, we're flattered even if we don't like you back.


  1. Thanks for the tips, geek girls are the best.


  2. Nice tips! I won't ever be able to think of 'em! I don't mind poor grammar, because most of my friends here are still learning English and I don't like being treated as a lady, but everything else I agree with :D Not that anyone would fall for me, lol :P
    I'm attracted to a guy who's opposite of me- he's popular, he's the best football player on the team, and so on. I didn't tell anyone about him. I have no idea what is happening to me...

    1. Don't be so hard on yourself! Look at all the people who have gotten married! Shocker! The last guy I liked was a farmer, so you never know! Goood luck getting your guy!