Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photography: Discovering Magic

             Some people don't fully understand photography. They see it as a way to preserve memories and freeze pieces of time. It certainly does that, but it's so much more.
               I'd like to tell you a bit more about my passion. Have you ever had a moment when the entire world goes silent around you? Your mind is still and quiet. There is nothing there but peace and tranquility.
              That is what happens when I pick up a camera. Looking through the view finder I discover a new world. Where I can express things I could never tell anyone, never put into words. There is no limit. It becomes a dreamland and I am the ruler over it. Colors can dance or die for the sake of preserving soul. Everything changes into magical creations of God.
    Unless you learn how to step through your camera, into my world. You can never understand photography, or me. When I picture is taken, not only the subject is captured, but the heart of the photographer. If you learn to read a picture, it really does speak more than a thousand words.

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