Friday, December 7, 2012

When Reality Strikes

 This is a somewhat depressing post about reality.
When you're young you can't wait to grow up. You wait for years and years and years... for what? To work until we die? Yup that's about it. Kids, hang on to your childhood. It doesn't last long. Every second you get closer and closer to dying.

There are no really superheroes. It's horrible. No matter how much you believe, they never come.
Santa is either not real or doesn't love adult.
That means you have to buy all the Christmas presents.
You're probably broke.
Neither is the Easter Bunny.
Nothing turns out how it's suposed to.
Modern music is horrible.
Being a nerd is synonymous with having no friends
I am genetically predisposed to dying alone. (With cats)
                    No one understand you. Not really. No one wants to know about your obsessions.
                    No one cares unless you are pretty or dying.
                    You will probably never be happy for more than three days straight.
                    Fairytales don't come true.
                    Everybody lies,
                    There is a movie about Abraham Lincon killing vampires. And it's been called a historical documentary.
                    I can't afford to make good movies.

                    Dreams rarely come true.


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