Thursday, December 13, 2012

2o Depressing Thoughts

1. We're all genetically predisposed to dying.
2. Every second you get closer to dying.
3. Everybody leaves.
4. My cat doesn't love you.
5. No one cares unless you're pretty or dying.
6. The price of oreos keeps going up.
7. Insomnia causes depression.
8. Depression causes insomnia.
9. You can't have completely white teeth and enamel.
10. You can't afford life.
11. Your dreams will not come true.
12. No one actually has super powers.
13. The News.
14. Math
15. You'll never marry anyone as attractive as your favorite actor.
16. You have emotions.
17. Anti depressants are expensive.
18. Culture.
19. Cold coffee.
20. Physical activity is nescessary.

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