Monday, December 10, 2012

Star Wars Foods That Should Exist

      Imagine if they made my SW themed food than Pez and lollipops! Here are some ideas of foods that SHOULD exist.
Tauntaun milk.
Bantha Fodder, in the shape of Jedi. Of course it's poison so if you swallow it, you die.
Yoda Ears (Green Tortilla chips)
Chocolate dipped Ligh Sabers (Chocolate dipped pretzels)
Gungan Brains (empty packages)
Princess Leia hair (cinnamon rolls.)
Darth Vader arms (gummies)
At-At heads. (shaped cookies)
Jabba the Hut (Cupcakes with massive amounts of icing)
Tauntaun Guts (Pasta)
Ewok Heads (Snowballs)
Chewie Paws (Choclate covered cream puffs)

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