Friday, December 21, 2012

Why The World Didn't End

   Okay guys. By now you know, well, you're alive, unless of course you're dead and in that case go back to your grave. Now. Unless the world is ending where you are, then warn the rest of us.
    Now down to business. Most people with common sense knew the world was not going to end today, however if we wanted to get down to the facts here we are.
  The Mayan calender excluded leap years, therefore this day would have passed us by LONG ago. Unless we were blasted to an alternate universe, that didn't happen.
     The Mayans were Indians! Indians had a lot of myths and legends.
      If you're a Christian you know that God says no man knows what when it will happen.
      Even NASA has a page on WHY the world won't end.
      There you go guys! The Doomsday Preppers should have done a bit of research before investing.


  1. I'm glad its finally over, all of the crazy people were getting annoying. As a Christian I also knew that with 100% certinity that nothing was going to happen.

    P.S. You are hilarious!


    1. Me too. I got so sick of it. Thanks James! That means a lot =D

  2. I have also heard, but can't guarantee, that the Mayans had other pieces of writing that mention dates thousands of years after the fact. The calendar ending was just like our calendar ending in December. It was just measuring a longer stretch of time.