Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Geek or Nerd? Or neither?

In my quest to find my identity (via Internet) I realized I am one of two things. Deep inside all I come down to is: A Geek or a Nerd. Which one am I? I have only suceeded in further skewing my perception of myself. I am lost in the realm identitilessness.
Here are my findings:

So am I really just a DORK?
The word NERD was first used by Dr. Suess. "A nerkle a nerd and a seersucker too!"
Geek means sideshow or carnival preformer.

Some people say:

  • Jargon versus obscure referencing: Nerds are unabashed about using jargon or unfamiliar terminology in their dialogue, whereas geeks will use obscure references abundantly.
  • Details versus big picture: Geeks often take interest in the microcosmic details of life, such as noticing that your present situation is much like one from a news article or novel. Nerds will be seemingly uninterested in the details of daily life, being more focused on the macroscopic, such as scientific possibilities and the future of humankind.
  • Nerds may be more willing than geeks to show off hobbies and possessions that flaunt their intellect, whereas geeks may take pride in more obscure and unique subjects.
  • If the person fails to respond in a socially comfortable manner (i.e., they make you nervous, or vice versa), you may be talking to a nerd. If they respond in a comfortable manner but appear a little "dorky", such as speaking and/or acting silly, you might be talking to a geek. Also, nerds may speak in layman's terms for your benefit because you may not understand the basic concepts of their area of interest. Geeks may speak in detail about their interests, possibly forgetting that the target audience may not have the same level of knowledge in that field as themselves.
    • Jokes: Geeks usually get them; nerds either don't or can't be bothered trying
    • Example nerd interests:  
      1. Physics(such as quantum mechanics or astronomy), chemistry, biology, engineering, advanced math, and robotics
      2. Chess, and other strategy games
      3. Reading scientific journals
      4. Calculating integrals when drinking to show intoxication levels
      5. Explaining the difference between causality and correlation
    • Example geek interests:
      • Specialized forms of activities, such as LARPing
      • Niche activities, such as board games or replica prop construction
      • Science fiction Novels and comic books
      • Buying expensive specialized equipment like $200 headphones
      • Nerd, Geek, or DorkCan someone help me find my true inner self?


  1. From the thing at the top, I am definitely a Geek, because I love Star Wars and the picture of that guy even looks like me. Were is your follow button? I can't seem to find it. And thank you for following my blog and commenting.


    1. I can't even find my own follow button! *sigh* But if you copy and paste the link into your "add" box you can follow me that way. I love your blog! Your reviews are great!

    2. I added your blog on my dashboard. But if you want to add the follow button here is how to do.
      First go to the design part of Blogger. Then there should be a
      "Add a gadget" button, on the right side of the page. Scroll down the list until the see "Followers". It should be the 8th or 9th down the list and then just click the + icon and it should add it. Just save and it should be finished. I hope that helps.


  2. I am probably the more academically inclined nerd. But... I am most likely a dork.(I like to contradict myself) Go nerdy dorks!