Friday, December 14, 2012

Low Points of Being A Geek

        As fellow geeks we all have our horrible days. Misery loves company. Can you relate?
      Today I picked up a book called "I ♥ Geeks". It was suposed to be a guide for how girls should interact with "their nerds/geek". Well being a girl I thought it would be interesting. It all applied to me though. I realized: In an alternate universe, I am a geek guy.
    My mom recomended I watch Star Trek because it's a lot like Star Wars.
   The Hobbit is going to end up like the Star Wars prequels. Really? One book broken down into THREE movies? Added to that, they're not keeping to the book. Remember, ther was only ONE ring to rule them all!
     No one understands what I'm talking about. Mentioning something that I assume is common knowlege, like the script error "You're Bantha fodder now!" when in fact they were being fed to a Rancor. Or quoting movies... no one gets it. I'm already socially awkward that makes it worse!
      No one watched the TV shows I watch. And they don't make them anymore. Lost. MacGyver.     A-Team. Fantasy Island. There is no one to fangirl with anymore :'(
      Book to movie conversions. The Hunger Games? Ahhhhhhh! Nononononononono! It's horrible.  Back in the day they made GOOD movies. They actually mirrored the books back then. I've started watching the movie before I read the books so I can't be disapointed.
     The attractive individuals from years ago are old.
     I am so sick of VAMPIRES.
     Swear words are not literature. Be creative. Language ruins SO many books.
   There is no Tardis, light sabers or perfect guys.
    Normal people are boring.



  1. In a way, I know what you mean. My younger brother is the only person who knows what I am talking about when I quote films or TV. I have never meet anyone in person who is a fan of Star Wars, LOTR, Marvel, or anything that I like.
    Are you sure that "You're Bantha fodder now!" was a mistake? "Bantha fodder" is more of an insult, it was used in the EU that way. And about the Hobbit, I just watched it and it was amazing.


    1. Does he know the difference between DC and Marvel? I can't wait to see the Hobbit. I've heard VERY mixed reviews.

    2. If you are asking if my bro knows the difference between the two, then yes. He is almost as geeky as I am, he is the co-adminator of the blog too.
      I can't really understand the mixed reviews of the Hobbit, it not as good as LOTR but still it was almost as great.


    3. Your brother sounds amazing!
      And have you read the books? I think that's part of why it got mixed reviews. It doesn't hold completely true to the story.

    4. Actually I have avoided reading for the over 10 years I've been a LOTR fan since watching the Fellowship. Because I rarely read a book that a movie will be based on. I have tried it a few times and usually hated the movie, plus I rather watch a movie without knowing what happened and then read the book to expland upon the story. That way I like both versions of the story.


    5. That's why I started watching the movies before I read the books. I should have done that with the Hunger Games!I assume you meant "I avoided reading it" because I also assume you're reading this. :P I love both versions of LOTR. Still waiting to watch The Hobbit. Oh and I'm NOT a grammar Nazi. I was just amused.

    6. Ops, yes that is what I ment. :) That misstake even made me laugh! Sometimes I forget words when I write comments.


  2. These are all so true...and I do hate it when the swearing ruins the story. THere have been a few times when I had to put down an amazing book because of the language (or something else...)
    I do hate Star Trek, and it really stinks that nothing from the fandoms are real... :(