Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lord of the Rings: Fantasy's Finest


            If you have never seen or read LOTR you are missing out on SO much. It's almost as good as Star Wars. Therefore, it deserves a blog post.

     Let's just say it. Tolkien was a literary genius. His work will survive forever. His fiction is equal to great works of such as Shakespeare (Tolkien is easier to understand) and Austen.He created an entirely new world where he and his followers came to live.
    Every character is unique and ornately created. You can see so much of himself in Gandalf. He was solemn at times, eccentric, lovable with many idiosyncrasies  innumerable. Gollum? It takes a gift to created a creature so dreaded and yet loved. We long to see his hideous face and here is snarling. We love to see his inner battles and watch how his mind works. How can something so removed from humanity be so cunning?
Who else would make almost every character over the age of 50? Aragorn is a beautiful riches to rags story. And is it cliche`? Nope. Because it was written by a master writer. Each one has their own flaws. Not one is perfect. One thing I wish was included in the movies was more of Boromir, we never really saw his good side. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite character! They're so diverse. Gimli and Legolas. And so similar. Sam and Frodo. Speaking of Sam, a friend of mine pointed out Sam is pretty much the perfect guy. Loyal, brave and adorable.

         If you don't know The Hobbit is the Prequel to LOTR. Leave now. The Hobbit is going to be made in three parts! That's different than the others since they were all longer books and each were made into their own movie. It would've been great if they made each one into three movies!

         Though the ages of the cast was a bit of You can't deny they chose wonderful actors for each part. That's a reason it's great that the movies are three hours long. We get to see those wonderful faces for 9 hours! (And Orlando Bloom is coming back for "The Hobbit".


  1. Love these movies and your post! After Star Wars, LOTR is definitely my favorite franchise. My favorite characters would be Sam, Gandalf, and Gollum and I agree, Sam is the ultimate best friend, no one is more loyal than Samwise the Brave.
    Have you seen the extended editions of the trilogy? They are even better.


    1. I don't think I have. But I'll certainly check it out! I really enjoy your posts too!