Sunday, December 23, 2012

Things You Should Never Do

    We all do stupid things. Well these are REALLY stupid things you should NEVER do.

Hug a porcupine. Never hug them. Hedgehogs are fine, they need love.
Trust a cat. yeah they're amazing and all, but they are sociopaths and very good at acting.
Kill the president. It won't make your life better, you'll probably get killed yourself.
Create a paradox when time traveling.
Kiss a poison dart frog. They don't turn into princes.
Go sledding in the Grand Canyon.
Eat your mom. She'll give you indigestion.
Pay a Sesame Street character to commit a crime. They'll sing to you.
Grown up. It's a trap!


  1. You've done it again, your blog makes me laugh more than any other! I agree cats are great but never trust worthy.


  2. I'm glad I can give you a laugh! Thanks for all of your kind comments! It means a lot. You're my favorite of my whole... three... followers.