Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Movies and Why You Should See Them (Without spoilers)


WARNING: Most people who aren't nerds won't agree with this list.  
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   "Star Wars "(The Original Trilogy)
Why? if you have to ask that go here: http://cupcakestolightsabers.blogspot.com/2012/12/why-do-we-love-star-wars.html
It is the love of my life. It's amazing in too many ways to count.

      "The Batman Trilogy"
The less green screen, the better. Chris Nolan is an expert director who uses little green screen and great acting. The plot has multiple twists and you can never catch everything the first time, so it can me watched over and over (as with all of Chris's movies).  Batman is the ultimate hero. If you are again asking "what's so special about him?" go here: http://cupcakestolightsabers.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-best-superheroes-and-why.html                                                                                                                                                 

  " Lord of the Rings" Trilogy
   Again! Go here:
  These are masterfully made movies. You get draw into the beauty, the pain, the story... everything. Each character has a unique role. This is the definition of good fantasy. The casting was grreat! It make me wish that each of those books had been made into three movies, not just "The Hobbit".  My precioussessss!


                                              "The Christmas Card"
  Okay, yeah it's a mushy Christmas romance but it also has a great story. It's a lot like "The Lucky One"  by Nicholas Sparks. I laughed and cried. It's a beautiful story with lovable characters and solid plot.

   "The Guardian"
   This is another movie that made me laugh... and BAWL. It's deep but action packed. A great guys movie, but obviously, since I love it other girls will love it too. It's a story about the National Guard. It demonstrates the intensive training and hard work put into it. The story will touch every part of your heart and make you want to make a difference (But not want to become a Seal!)WARNING: NOT FOR CHILDREN!

                                                   "Iron Man"
    Three words: Robert. Downey. Jr. Yeah, it would never be the same without him. BUT, there is more to it then that. he's like a modern day pro-weapons MacGyver! The ingenuity and genius of this film is almost unparalled . The humour is great.
   "The Avengers"
    All those gorgeous men in one movie? okay... I'm getting sidetracked again. It's a great mix of action and sci-fi with amazing effects and great script.
    "Pride and Prejudice"
    A hear warming, humour filled romance. It's interesting to see the culture at that time and place. The directing was superb.
    "Phantom of the Opera"
     The singing is AMAZING. The story is CHILLING. The set is STUNNING. The movie is BEAUTIFUL.



  1. Completely agree about Star Wars, LOTR, Avengers, Iron Man and The Dark Knight trilogy. Those are some of my favorite films ever, but I have not seen the other ones on the list. Have you seen Inception? It is my favorite Nolan movie.


    1. I LOVE Inception! I didn't add it up there, though, because I don't like the amount of "GD"'s in it. That was an amazing movie though. SO hypnotizing.