Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things To Avoid When Writing


         As I writer there are some things that I wish someone had taught me. To avoid emabarrassing mistakes here are a few things you should NEVER do. I am not the best blogger, I have more experience with other types of writing, but I hope you take my advice.
1. Use too make exclamation points. they make the writing look very childish. Not that you should never use them, but use them sparingly.
2.Don't use cliche's! No one wants to read the same thing they've read a thousand times again.
3. Don't just write what you know. "Write what you know" is horrible advice. Do you think people who write sci-fi and such things know what they're writing about. What they write may come from some emotions they know but if you stick to personal experience there's only so much you can write.
4. Don't write long paragraphs. Especially if what you write is being read online long passages of text can be hard to read. It can end up looking like just a block of scribbles.
5. Don't confine yourself to a limited vocabulary. It never hurts to pick up a thesaurus!
6.Don't restrict your writing to one genre. You can get stuck writing the same thing over and over again.
7. Don't expect to be good right of the bat. I still have SO much room to grow as a writer. Some of you might not even think I am a good writer. You can always learn more. It takes so much practice by the time you get good you may be ready to quit.
8. Don't create clones. Don't make a lot of the same scenes or characters. make everything individual and new. Make something completely your own. Don't copy anyone.
9. Don't be afraid of new ideas. They may seem dumb at first but when you take a thread of an idea it can spin itself into a beautiful tapestry. Everyone sees the world differently and therefore have unique ideas. Don't deprive the world of yours.
10. Don't give up! If you love it, you CAN be a good writer.

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